Why winter wedding is actually great idea - part 1?

The idea for a winter wedding may sound unusual to some, but winter weddings are actually an old tradition. In the past, summer was the active season for working for farmers, traders, craftsmen and the military - in other words, almost all people. This mean that most holidays and celebrations would take place during the colder part of the year.

Even royal weddings during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe were often held in the winter, when the active season for business, diplomacy and war ended.

Now, of course, life is different and people prefer to get married in the summer. However, even today it isn't a bad idea to make your wedding during the winter, because it has its own advantages. Here are the most important ones:

1. The winter wedding are organized in shorter period of time

Winter Wedding table decoration

Active wedding season - the period during which most weddings occur, ends in mid-autumn, ie. by the end of October. Accordingly, in late fall and winter, the demand for dates for restaurants, civil and church rituals, as well as any wedding services is much lower.

This allows you to organize your wedding party in a much shorter timeframe, since the schedule of restaurants, institutions and people offering wedding services (photographers, presenters, wedding agents, florists, etc.) isn't filled for months ahead.

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For example, if it takes at least 6 months to organize a wedding in the active season (spring and summer),a winter wedding can be done for 2 months without compromising on the quality of the services.

2 During the winter, restaurants and services are easier to find

Winter wedding decoration

Again, because of the lower demand, during the winter you will have better choice for wedding-friendly restaurants that aren't booked for half a year ahead.This also gives you one additional benefit: you could even negotiate with the restaurant manager for a better fare.

The competition between restaurants that rely on weddings intensifies during the off-season, so if one of them doesn't give you a discount, they will be willing to do it in the next one.

3. More guests can attend a wedding in winter

In contrast to the weddings during the spring and summer, the problem with the presence of the invited guests is almost absent during the winter. Winter vacations and ski vacations are usually planned in shorter time, and not as massive as going to the beach in the summer.

Therefore, the likelihood that one of your important people won't be able to attend your wedding is much lower during the winter season. Of course, it's a good idea to choose a wedding date that isn't very close to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

To be continued...

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