Top trends for wedding dress autumn 2019

The trendsfor the fall of 2019 are already clear. We can say that they are quite different in concept and range - from heavy royal elements to simple overalls. Check out the top 5 fashion trends we've chosen for all fall future brides.

1. Overalls

The image of a strong woman takes precedence in this wedding vision. Definitely, the bodysuit is associated with style, elegance and class, but complex as a replacement for the dress, there are disputes about whether it takes away from the femininity of the bride. It's all a matter of perspective and depends entirely on personal preference. If you are one of the ladies who do not see large, voluminous princess dresses and you are looking for something stylish and casual, then a simple white overalls is a good solution.

2. Royal style

We go to the other extreme, where the royal vision has been revived since last year. There's a trend where the brides increasingly relying on the typical royal look and even if the dresses arn't saturated with glitter and lace, the designs are very impressive

3. Metal glitter

Due to the heavy aristocratic style, dresses with different metallic reflections will appear in autumn. Gold may be one of the leading elements, but the silver won't back down. Dresses of this design promote wedding in castles, gold or silver cutlery and many lights and glitter.

4. Simple and clean (minimalist) dresses

"Get back to yourself" by mentioning the hit minimalist style again. During the fall of 2019 (and not only) what always looks amazing is the simple and high end designer wedding dress. It's inspired by Megan Markle's dress, of course.

5. Dresses with different collars (mock neck)

Wedding dresses with their beautifully decorated neck collars also enter the trend in the fall. Their designs range from interesting boho elements to perfectly natural and casual tops.

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