Autumn Wedding - coziness and romance!

The rich color palette, the soft and slightly "noisy" carpet that covered the earth and the last warm embraces of the already setting sun - autumn weddings are always filled with a special charm and cozy atmosphere.

Today we show you how you can enhance these feelings for an unforgettable wedding in the fall!

The Invitations

For your guests the wedding begins with the invitations, so choose their design in harmony with the accents in the fall. You can bet on beautifully drawn seasonal fruits or stylized autumn leaves. If you are not a fan of floral elements, it would be a good idea to use the dominating colors of the season - red, orange, dark blue, burgundy and yellow. A cool idea is wedding invitations in shape of autumn leaves. The guests will be fascinated!

Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn wedding decoration

The Decoration

We strongly recommend to include the fruits that are plentiful this season and use them alot to decorate. They can be part of both the central compositions and the decoration of the photo booth, the archway and the candy bar. Just be careful and look for color combination between the fruits and the flowers. If you bet on warmer shades, choose red apples, yellow pears and pumpkins, and if you prefer the cooler tones, green pears, figs and blackberries.

Autumn Wedding Decoration

The Bride

Light and ethereal dresses, in different shades of white and ecru, in combination with a warm scarf or cloak - this is the image of the modern autumn bride. Accessories can come in a wide variety of colors, but the sophistication that lends the burgundy accent to lipstick as well as to shoes and flower in hair cannot compare to anything else!

Autumn Bride

The Bouquet

Unlike the fresh and colorful colors in the summer, autumn tends to be a deeper and richer range of colors when it comes to the bridal bouquet. In addition to the classic flowers, it would be original idea if you included cereal classes, autumn leaves and flowers in contrasting colors. This will give your bouquet an irregular shape, which is the trend in recent years.

The Candy Bar

Stick to the classic concept for this element of the celebration, but add an autumn flavor to it - in addition to the standard flavors, such as mini cakes, tartlets and pumpkin muffins, add juicy fruits, honey, nuts and if you can a little home-made luxury liqueur.

Autumn Wedding - coziness and romance

The Cake

The cake or the "cherry" of the evening should also be fully tailored to the autumn concept. We recommend that you opt for a so-called "bare cake", decorated only with small seasonal fruits and flowers, such as those in the decoration. If you are not a fan of frost-free designs, then bet on something clear and warm so you can easily blend it with the accents and autumn-themed details.

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